Girls just want to have bud: An infused guide to Galentine's Day

Photography by Sydney Brown

Photography by Sydney Brown

One way cannabis is best served is in a social setting. You naturally become more talkative, everything is in the spirit of fun and lightheartedness, all because your senses are heightened. That’s usually everyone’s first experience using cannabis, with a friend skipping class, at a party or kick back with your squad. But we’re grown a** women now.

So, United We Function put an elevated and sophisticated spin on it and rounded up all the girls for this Galentine’s Day soirée. On the menu was Elevated Chef’s chocolate dipped cannoli (10 mg THC), deconstructed peanut butter brownie, chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter and jelly macaroons (50 mg CBD) and an infused vanilla cupcake topped with a butter cream icing and crystalized macaroon. Decadent does not even begin to do these edibles justice.

If you’re thinking of putting together an infused menu for a Galentine’s Day brunch to celebrate love, life and friendship then here’s what you’ll need:

Infused cocktails and bubbly

Aura Elixirs

They’re lavender, coriander and citrus peel are blended for a floral taste and a calming, yet arousing effect. Aurora's sparkling hemp refreshment contains 15 mg of CBD that you can enjoy over ice, or with your favorite cocktail recipe.

La Grandeur

LaGrandeur Sparkling Cranberry is the perfect addition to a peach bellini. It contains only 5 mg of THC and the back label provides a full list of ingredients primarily sourced from organic products including organic cranberry juice, lime juice, and raw honey. Each bottle is a single serving. So get one for every one of your friends!

Dried fruits (to compliment the fresh fruits)

Kiva Confections Chocolate-Covered Blueberries

It’s easy to overindulge with these infused chocolate-covered blueberries but I wouldn’t recommend it. They’re so sweet and it’s no wonder why they’re Kiva’s best-seller. These dried US-grown blueberries are dusted with cocoa powder and finished with a generous coating of delicious milk chocolate.

Mum Muz Hemp-infused Dried Bannas

It’s awesome to see so many things coming to the market that are health-conscious. They’re dried bananas and they’re organic AF. While you can’t find them online to purchase just yet, I’ve got to say you’ll want to when they do.

Sweets for your sweetheart(s)

Duh, Weed Brownies

It’s been said that I make some pretty potent weed brownies. It’s definitely the first edible I ever learn to make. It’s a weed pantry staple. There’s something about homemade edibles people just can’t resist. Here’s a recipe from Kitchen Toke to try on your own.

Dr. Norms Cookies

For the most consistent, happy high you’ve ever had. Dr. Norms prides themselves on consistency and offering precise microdoses for the most enjoyable experience. They come in chocolate chip and peanut butter (v).

Party favors

CBD Face Masks

When the party is winding down and you’ve taken enough selfies to last you the month, it’s time to take that make up off. Get comfortable and let yourself recover from a brunch well done with this hydrating CBD Face Mask. Your skin will thank you.

Cannabis Lube

Don’t leave your girls high and dry! Send them home with something to end the evening the right way. Trust me, they’ll thank you later. Here’s a discount towards my personal favorite.