Cannabis and Spirituality 001: Exploring Cannabis Though a Spiritual Lens

After many years of using cannabis, I have come to consider it a spiritual ally. Long before I began setting intentions, meditating or collecting crystals, cannabis had been a master teacher of mine. As it has been for thousands of years, across many cultures, in religious sects and spiritual teachings. Cannabis allows us to reach beyond our own inhibitions and limited understanding to immerse ourselves in all things possible, imaginable and attainable. Exploring cannabis through a spiritual lens has allowed me to realize how divinely guided one can be when open and willing to accept the wisdom this plant has to offer.

One of the great gifts of spiritual knowledge is that it realigns your sense of self to something you may not have even ever imagined was within you. Spirituality is a lens through which we view life and a gauge by which we evaluate it. Empirical findings have identified spirituality as a potential health resource. While many use cannabis for both its medicinal and mind-altering properties it also assists us in gaining more inner perspective when used in spiritual practices.

Spirituality is our relationship the divine, the creator, god, the universe however we so choose to identify it. It’s a profound understanding, an all-knowing, a birthright and at times it’s a gut feeling, a power pose, a sign, intuition.

Of the many lessons I’ve learned, am learning and continue to learn (because time is cyclical and sometimes you have to learn the same lessons a few times to get it right), here are a several I felt have been the most powerful, challenging, and rewarding along my spiritual journey.

The power of gratitude

One of the most powerful things you can do to raise your spiritual stock is to be grateful. When you consume cannabis with the right intentions, you’re able to see beyond the veil of lack and delusion. And you uncover that because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude; achievements, blessings, possessions, fruitful relationships, devastating heartbreaks, losses, and disappointments, too. The ability to express gratitude in any given situation, in my experience, is the first step to walking in alignment and attracting any and everything that is for you. Because what is for you can never be taken away, gratitude is a kind of affirmation; An affirmation that allows you to call in abundance. The power of gratitude is fully accepting that you are a culmination of all your experiences. Your gratitude simply affirms your commitment to growth and in doing so, honoring where you are along your journey.

The power of non attachment

When it comes to hard lessons to learn, this is probably the hardest for many of us. We struggle, fight, worry and become anxious about the things, people and outcomes we can’t control. In practicing non attachment, even in the simplest ways like living in the moment for example, we exercise freedom. Cannabis can help us truly experience the moment and appreciate it for what it is. We often forget that with every breath we are transformed. When we learn not to attach our state of mind, emotions or being to any past circumstance or future event, we are truly free. To master non attachment is to master the art of living and being, belonging to yourself and not your possessions, relationships to others, anyone’s perception of you or your own ego.

The power of interconnectedness

One thing that cannabis has helped me to realized most profoundly is the connection between ourselves and all other living things. Our bodies share the same cannabinoid receptors and an endocannabinoid system as the plant we ingest. Not only that, it’s one of the body’s largest neurotransmitter systems always working to achieve balance, or homeostasis, which means maintaining a stable internal environment despite changes in the external environment. Translation: we are connected to something that permeates all living things and within it there’s a divine intelligence. All we have to do is tap in to it.

The power of pure thought

There’s something about sitting still and allowing all that is pure thought to wash over you. It’s not controlling, it’s not forceful. It’s inspiring, for many it comes in bursts of creativity: you are simply the conduit, the messenger. It is nirvana. Without constraint, judgement, want or need. It simply flows through you.

If you know, you know.

The power of pure intention

Emotions can overpower us to the point of irrational thinking. It’s one thing to be in tune with your emotions, it’s another to be ruled by them. They are not only capable of clouding our judgement, but making it so we forget there is a root from which these thoughts and emotions stem. Meditation, journaling, and any other practice that requires deep contemplation requires that we retrace our thoughts to their original source. Thoughts are born out of and manifested by our intentions, magnified. The easiest way to get clear about our intentions is to identify the emotions that are fueling them. Emotions carry a vibratory frequency. All our emotions branch from two base emotions, either out of love or motivated by our fears. When we’re clear about which our intentions are rooted in, we’re able to consciously shift our perspective and look at situations and circumstances objectively. Cannabis, the nurturer, supports us in our efforts. Whether it be consuming cannabis for clarity or to fight depression, pure intention is the first step to actualizing the thoughts that allow for us to fully operate out of love instead of fear.

The power of plants

There’s this idea that all things which are alive are also aware, that they have consciousness about themselves and their environment. This supports the understanding that plants communicate with us based on how we interact with them. Plants, and nature in its entirety, represents all there is and all there will ever be. And we are a part of it. We exist within this interdependent ecosystem together, and the more we nurture, care for, listen to and work alongside nature, the stronger, healthier and more aware of Self we are. I am not at all surprised to learn that our ancestors knew this. I assume they also knew that nothing so authentic to who we are could be lost.

And so the uncovering and reclaiming begins.