Cannabis and Self Evaluation

This Cannabis and Self Evaluation was inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Self Analysis Test Questions.

If you answer all these questions as honestly as you can, you will learn more about your relationship to cannabis than most. Becoming clear on how you’ve been using cannabis and why will inform what your set is and how to create a setting that allows for deepening your relationship.

Study the questions seriously. Be diligent. Be open and patient with yourself in uncovering all this additional knowledge about yourself. From it you will have gained the method of simply living more authentically with who you are.

Napoleon suggests “if you are not certain concerning the answers to some of the questions, seek the counsel of those who know you well, especially those who have no motive in flattering you, and see yourself through their eyes.”

Ultimately, you have absolute control over but one thing, and that is your thoughts. It reflects our divine nature, and power to be self-determining.

Your mind is your spiritual estate.

To complete this exercise you’ll need a quiet place. I suggest going out into nature. You’ll need a paper and pen. Or you can meditate on these questions one by one if that seems more appropriate. The goal is to take inventory of your attitudes, feelings and relationship to cannabis based on how you use it, why you use it and the opinions of others you may have internalized about both yourself and the plant.

Be gentle with yourself.


What feels good about using cannabis?

Do you complain of "feeling bad" after using cannabis, and if so, what is the cause?

Do you find that you fault yourself for an overindulgence of cannabis?

Do you frequently make mistakes in your work because of cannabis, and if so, why?

If not, how does cannabis serve as a tool for creativity and inspiration?

Are you sarcastic and offensive in your conversation with non-users about cannabis?

Do you deliberately avoid the association of anyone that has opposing views about cannabis, and if so, why?

Do you suffer frequently with indigestion? If so, what is the cause?

Does cannabis improve your eating habits in a way that nourishes the body? Or adds toxicity to the body?

Do you use cannabis when you’re in satisfied with life and are pessimistic about the future? If so, why?

Do you like your chosen profession? If not, why?

To which do you devote most time after consuming cannabis, thinking of success, or of failure?

Are you gaining or losing self-confidence with your cannabis use?

Do you learn something of value each time you’re in a heightened state of awareness?

Are you permitting some relative or acquaintance to worry you about your cannabis practice? If so, why?

How do you defy the stigma attached to people who use cannabis?

How have you attached yourself to the stereotypes of what it means to be a cannabis consumer?

Who has the most inspiring influence upon you? What is the cause?

Do you invite them in to converse with when you consume cannabis?

Do you tolerate negative or discouraging influences which you can avoid when creating space to consume cannabis?

Are you careless of your personal appearance? If so, when and why?

Have you learned how to "drown your troubles" in a sea of cannabis smoke? Why?

How can you use cannabis to navigate through emotional turmoil instead of to avoid or suppress your feelings?

Who taught you emotions make you weak?

Do you neglect practicing positive inner dialogue until auto-intoxication makes you ill-tempered and irritable?

How many preventable disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?

Do you resort to self-depreciating activities that involve mind-altering substances? If so, why do you not try will-power instead?

How do you define will power?

How do you define moderation?

What do you consider natural medicine? What do you consider an “illicit drug?” What do you consider synthetic?

Do you have a purpose, and if so, what is it, and what plan have you for achieving it?

Is you cannabis use moving you closer to achieving those goals? If not, why?

How has your cannabis use helped you dissolved fear-based thinking?

Have you a method by which you can shield yourself against the negative influence of others that doesn’t include cannabis?

Do you make deliberate use of self-talk to make your mind positive?

Which do you value most, your material possessions, or your privilege of controlling your own thoughts?

If you used cannabis today, would it add anything of value to your stock of knowledge or state of mind? Or have you never used cannabis with this intention?

Do you face squarely the circumstances which make you unhappy, or sidestep the responsibility?

Does your presence have a negative influence on other people when you have used cannabis?

Do you form your own opinions about your cannabis use or permit yourself to be influenced by other people?

Have you learned how to create a mental state of mind with which you can shield yourself against all discouraging influences?

Are you conscious of possessing spiritual forces of sufficient power to enable you to keep your mind free from all forms of fear?

Do you consider cannabis a spiritual entity? A master teacher?

Does your religion help you to keep your own mind positive?

How has your religion shaped your views about cannabis?

If you believe "as above, so below" do you also believe “as within, so without?”

What does this say about the company you keep? What have you learned about yourself by studying the friends whom you attract?

What connection, if any, do you see between the  people with whom you associate most closely, and how you experience cannabis?

By what rules do you judge who is helpful and who is damaging to you?

How much time out of every 24 hours do you devote to:

a. your passions

b. sleep

c. play and relaxation

d. acquiring useful knowledge

e. plain waste

Who among your acquaintances,

a. encourages you most

b. cautions you most

c. discourages you most

d. helps you most in other ways

At what point do you use cannabis in doing any of the aforementioned?

What, above all else, do you most desire to feel when you use cannabis? Do you intend to acquire it?

Do you use cannabis daily?

If not, how much time daily do you devote to acquiring what you desire daily?

Do you usually finish everything you begin?

Are you easily impressed by other people's business or professional titles, college degrees, or wealth? Do they smoke weed?

Are you easily influenced by what other people think or say of you?

Whom do you believe to be the greatest person living? Do they smoke weed?

In what respect is this person superior to yourself because of their views on cannabis?

How much time are you willing to devote to studying and answering these questions?