Cannabis and Spirituality 005: Strengthening your let go muscle

Many of us are slowly coming to the realization that because we carry the weight of our emotional baggage, trauma, our limited perceptions of our reality based on school systems, religious systems, what we’ve learned from family and relationships that we’ve created this inevitable need to unpack.

A need to find balance.

The flower of the female cannabis plant unlocks the yin, the receptive energy in all of us. In doing so, it allows us to feel more deeply connected to nature, share more authentic exchanges between one another and commune with different aspects of ourselves.

However, this is not how we have been taught to navigate the physical world. Instead, we’ve adopted the mindset of the conqueror on a conquest, the masculine yang energy, always focusing our attention on what we need more of: more wealth, possessions, status. Never focusing on what it is we could be letting go.

The let go muscle is about removing the need to control every moment of our human experience.

The let go muscle is about giving yourself permission to lay it all down.

The let go muscle is about learning how to trust yourself that you’ll be resilient.

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Cannabis and Spirituality 001: Exploring Cannabis Though a Spiritual Lens

One of the great gifts of spiritual knowledge is that it realigns your sense of self to something you may not have even ever imagined was within you. Spirituality is a lens through which we view life and a gauge by which we evaluate it. Empirical findings have identified spirituality as a potential health resource. While many use cannabis for both its medicinal and mind-altering properties it also assists us in gaining more inner perspective when used in spiritual practices.

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The Working Woman’s Guide for Managing Adulting and Your Cannabis Intake

There’s an art to adulting. While you can’t always control how fast life comes at you, you can control how you prepare for and respond to the demands of the day. Despite what many of us have been led to believe, you can be a working professional, a freelancing creative, or a young entreprenuer, and enjoy cannabis. Even on a daily basis. Here’s how to be highly productive while stoned.

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Your Herb-Infused Guide to a Good Night's Sleep

You may ask, why not just have cannabis-infused honey? That’s very well an option too! But if you’re like me, one teaspoon in a cup of honey can easily turn into five. Personally, I enjoy the ritual of smoking. And after, a tea spoon of raw honey is how I get my dose of antioxidants and an instant immune system boost. Here are all the reasons honey and a blunt before bed will lead to better sleep.

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