Channel Your Inner Green Goddess: 17 Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

I recently announce that I’m partnering with Black Girls With Gardens (BGWG) to present a series focused on Black girls who grow cannabis.

If it sounds lit it’s because it is!

BGWG is a collective dedicated to providing answers, tips, and inspiration to women of color interested in gardening. BGWG was created with the intention to “create a space for like minded women to support each other and connect with their ancestral, environmental background.” BGWG was so instrumental in giving me the confidence to start my own garden. There is something powerful about a community of women embracing such a sacred practice. After all, it’s rooted in women’s divine ability to manifest! And it doesn’t stop at farm to table meals, but extends to the herbs and flowers you grow to naturally nourish and heal your mind, body and spirit. It’s no wonder why the GGG + BGWG collaboration seemed to evolve so naturally.

The Black Girls With Gardens series powered by GGG highlights the women gardeners growing cannabis in their own backyards, their basements, and even on their balconies. Cannabis is a healing plant! And if you’ve ever wondered why you should grow cannabis, or you’re on the fence about where to start, stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are more than a few reasons why growing your own cannabis would make a great new project.

  1. Cannabis is a plant-based medicine. Unlike many other medications, cannabis allows people to cultivate their own natural remedy and develop a deeper appreciation for the plant.

  2. In doing so, there is absolutely no need to wonder where your cannabis is coming from and if it is responsibly harvested, pesticide free

  3. Cannabis is the gateway to a plant-based lifestyle. If you’re already a cannabis user that cares about quality flower, it’s not hard to adopt that same approach to the foods you eat and the products you use.

  4. Growing your own cannabis allows those who may not have considered gardening to start growing something they are familiar with, and enjoy.

  5. Or it allows people who are already gardeners to challenge themselves to grow—something they may have never otherwise considered. 

  6. And let’s be honest, cannabis is expensive! If you’re in a legal state like California tax can be as high as 34.5% and if you’re in a nonlegal state, a quality flower eight may run you $50 to $60.

  7. Clones are usually pretty cheap. If you’re going to pay $20 for gram, you might as well buy a clone.

  8. Another great thing about growing cannabis: you get to experiment. With clones, from seed, with a pot, in the ground, or with neither, using just water and nutrients.

  9. You develop a new support system from the cannabis community around you. Cannabis is something most people feel good talking about because it feels good to do. You’d be surprised as how excited people are to talk about cannabis once you spark the conversation.

  10. Being informed about the grow process gives you the ability to inspire others, impact change and incite more meaningful conversations around health and wellness.

  11. On a macro level, you develop a deeper sense of community between yourself and the natural world.

  12. You spend more time outside, breathing fresh air and soaking up the sun which is an excellent source of vitamin D and a natural mood enhancer. 

  13. It’s good exercise. Growing your own plant sounds like way less work than it is. Get ready for a good arm workout and squatting poses.

  14. You don’t lose money but you might end up saving some. Granted, it’ll take a full 9 months to see a return on your investment. It’ll be worth it nonetheless.

  15. It’s an investment in yourself! A master cultivator and friend of mine Nezi once told me: If you can grow weed, you can grow anything. If nothing else, growing cannabis will absolutely make you appreciate partaking much more.

  16. And if you harvest more than you can smoke, in time, you'll have a great sleeping aid. Over a long period of time, cannabis that is not consume degrades in TCH and CBN, the sedative compound found in cannabis, is what you’re left with.

  17. There’s nothing to it but to do it. If you’re even the least bit curious, go for it! It’s an eye-opening experience. It’s a beautiful way to get back to nature and channel your intentions to create something un-bud-leave-ably beautiful.