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Girls Just Want To Have Bud: An Infused Guide To Galentine's Day

Cannabis is often best served is in a social setting. You naturally become more talkative, everything is in the spirit of fun and lightheartedness, all because your senses are heightened. That’s usually everyone’s first experience using cannabis, with a friend skipping class, at a party or kick back with your squad. But we’re grown a** women now. Here’s how infused guide to enjoying cannabis with a splash of Sunday fun day.

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The Working Woman’s Guide for Managing Adulting and Your Cannabis Intake

There’s an art to adulting. While you can’t always control how fast life comes at you, you can control how you prepare for and respond to the demands of the day. Despite what many of us have been led to believe, you can be a working professional, a freelancing creative, or a young entreprenuer, and enjoy cannabis. Even on a daily basis. Here’s how to be highly productive while stoned.

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Honey, You Look Tired: Your Herb-Infused Guide to a Good Night's Sleep

You may ask, why not just have cannabis-infused honey? That’s very well an option too! But if you’re like me, one teaspoon in a cup of honey can easily turn into five. Personally, I enjoy the ritual of smoking. And after, a tea spoon of raw honey is how I get my dose of antioxidants and an instant immune system boost. Here are all the reasons honey and a blunt before bed will lead to better sleep.

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