Green Goddess Grow Initiative 


When you've accumalated enough wealth of knowledge the only thing left to do is to give it back. 


About For Ever Garden 

Growing Generaltional Wealth

For Ever Garden is named after my grandmother, Ever. Building generational wealth starts with collective healing. Leaning on the experiences and wisdom of those that have come before me, For Ever Garden is an extention of that knowledge—empowering future generations to nourish and honor their bodies, planting foods that promote cognitive control and mental agility, and feeding the soul with nutrients provided by the earth and sungrown with good intention. 


Community Outreach

Many Hands Make Light Work

Cannabis education and awareness is a how we combat the miseducation and propaganda many people have been conditioned to believe about the plant and the people who use it. Historically, cannabis has been used in sacred ritual, as a healing herb and cultivated for it's medicinal benefits and enviormental contributions. It is my social and economical responsibility to help enlighten others about plant medicine, sharing it's history spanning thousands of years across different cultures, and empower others to take initative to learn about cultivating wellness in a natural and sustainable way. 



Communication Leads To Community

Success is measured by growth. We have a lot of work to do and a long way to go before we get to a place of balance and wellbeing within our communities, and on a global scale. Let's connect. Let's collaborate.