An educational platform sparking culture-shifting conversation around cannabis and self-care



The Courses

Green Goddess Glow will be offering educational courses to not only elevate but define quality standards in the cannabis industry. That begins with quality, and culturally congruent, information and access to resources. Whether you are considering becoming a cannabis business owner, supporting the industry with transferrable skills, or simply looking to become a more knowledgeable consumer, there is a class for you. GGG offers courses ranging from plant science and the endocannabinoid systems to spiritual activism and the study of medicinal use of cannabis for millennia across various cultures throughout the world.

The YouTube


The YouTube is a resource for women looking to learn more about new cannabis-infused beauty, health, and wellness products—from CBD face masks to micro-dosed mints—who want an honest, unfiltered opinion, and authentic product reviews.

The Research Project

Green Goddess Glow has partnered with the UCLA CRI team to study the cannabis journeys of POC to better understand how we use cannabis, and why, identify health disparities, and address how to best serve communities of color.



Gratitude is its own beautiful practice.To feel truly grateful and express it is a blessing and a medicine in itself, so if a common plant opens our hearts and brings us the sentiment that we are glad to be alive, then aren’t we fortunate to now be co-evolving with it?


Must Reads

  1. Vitamin Weed

  2. Smoke Signals

  3. The Art of Weed Butter

  4. Cannabis and Spirituality

  5. Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

  6. Ganja Yoga

  7. The Cannabis Health Index

  8. Pleasure Activism

  9. Sacred Woman

  10. Ask and It Is Given